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Originally Posted by BeHappy View Post
Santoro was a pusher and took sets off Federer and Sampras, beat Djoker when Djoker was world no. 1 and was 11-0 against Safin. McEnroe pushed and junkballed from the baseline. Canas beat Federer twice in a few weeks pushing.

Pushing works, it's effective right at the very top and if you think you'll reach a level where you won't be beaten by pushers you're deluding yourself.

On synthetic grass it is impossible to hit offensive or even consistent topspin groundstrokes against slices. The ball just rolls along the ground and bounces at ankle height. There's a reason Santoro won Newport so many times. There's a reason continental grip forehands used to rule the day at Wimbledon and McEnroe won 3 Wimbledons.

Do you play on synthetic grass?
No it doesnt now with the new balls they brought in. The pushed short balls bounce up get put away. Games are played normally now. The only delusion I had was believing in complete strangers giving me intelligent advice...
Yes, we know it's all about the technique. But if your racquet collapses every time you need to add some lead to it...
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