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I play in a weekly league but I also play a lot outdoors (parks style) in the warmer weather. Everyone I hit with or play is a 3.0 to 4.0 player (4 USTA rated 4.0s in the mix).

The most common weakness amongst just about everyone is dealing with balls short of the service line that bounce below net height. Every single one, me included. Either we can't get to if fast enough, we overhit it long, it's netted because the stroke is too flat, or we dink it back weakly. Maybe every other or 1 out of 3 of these balls something constructive is done...the rest are handled poorly. I see this on adjacent courts at my club and on public outdoor courts all the time.

That being said, short dead slices are the most effective shot in tennis at 4.0 and below. I rarely hit these, I try to actualy hit "real" strokes, but I can't deny it's fundamental truth. Also, if you can't hit a serve 80 MPH or up, or generate a kick serve that bounces shoulder high..your best serve is a slow, side spinning slice that bounces below net height. People will pull their hair out trying to kill it, maybe make a few but miss a ton of them..then, they will try to dink it back, and you should be charging the net.
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