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Originally Posted by db10s View Post
I was in the middle of nowhere in NH, near Mt. Washington, and there was one REAL red clay court on the side of the road. It was perfectly manicured, the month was September... And I was wearing a suit... BUT, I had all of my stuff in the trunk, and absolutely nobody to hit with .... I was too stupid to not mark on a GPS where I was... I've searched on Google Earth for hours every once in a while... Still haven't found it.
i'm new here and came across this post, just thought i'd chime in... dollars to donuts the court you came across was put in by these guys:

they build and service clay courts all over the northeast, mostly new england but also upstate ny. there are actually a lot of nice clay courts tucked around in the hills of nh, quite a few with various summer camps, but many retirees have them too. all around franconia notch and crawford notch, so if you think this was near mt. washington it was probably these guys who installed it/serviced it. many think clay is the way to go in northern new england cause the cold ground is hard on hard courts, splits them right in half after a few years. netco (the name of the company) is associated with the tamarack tennis camp, and the owner, mike kenney, is the skier bode miller's uncle. i bet if you call him he might be able to tell you which one you're thinking of.
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