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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post

OY. Perhaps I might offer you a quick geography lesson.

1. Emotional connections and feelings are located within you. These feelings are internal.

2. Over where the racquet is, you will find nothing but graphite, paint, and string.

3. I invite you to consider that what you are doing is assigning internal feelings to external objects. You are then behaving like the objects themselves have caused those feelings and meanings.

4. Your notion here seems to be that Babolat racquets are a proxy for all you think is wrong with the modern game, lacking a reverence for the past. That's your deal, you made that up. The racquet is just paint, graphite and string. If you dont like what you have made that graphite, paint and string mean, just make it mean something else, because it's all just pure invention anyways.

well said, sir! my own personal associations, i can't see the 'soul' in wilson rackets- they have so much market share, seem so mass produced, although i like them okay and used to play them back in the day. it's all subjective, like you say. i love babolat's history, back in the eighties the babolat logo used to make my head spin. i went to tennis camp with a kid from eastern europe, and i remember he had all babolat gear and i wanted it so bad.
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