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Can do. I've read virtually every thread on here regarding paintjobs, that seems to be the one thing most forget to do.

Seeing as I've not yet hit with this frame (bought in blind faith) or spent more than 15 mins with a Babolat frame before, it should be interesting. I haven't weighed my frames before, I've always gone by feel. I just cut off the lead tape and whack it on the frame until it feels right. From memory, I placed 4" strips of lead tape at 10.30 and 1.30. Two strips at each point, 8 in total per frame. This made the frames feel absolutely perfect.

Interestingly, I've dropped down a few grip sizes with these to an L4. After the last frames went to racquet heaven, I was left without frames for a month. I then hit with a horrible Babolat Pure Drive frame and it was an L3. Coming from an L6 it was a big, big difference. He also had a L3 Pro Staff 95 Classic and it allowed some incredible maneuverability. I was hitting shots I had previously set up to hit but couldn't execute consistently, mainly the delicate flicking passing shots and shots which required a lot more finesse. A lot of feel which I had unknowingly sacrificed through a large grip suddenly returned. So a smaller grip size with tacky overgrip was the way forward.

I used L6 in my playing days as the racquet would tend to fly out of my hand on my serve and that would be the end of it. The smaller grips felt great on the groundstrokes but didn't feel secure enough on serve, which was one of my main weapons, especially as an all-out serve-volley player. I had a match where I went through 4 frames in some seriously humid conditions. I came very close to not being able to finish that one due to only having taken 6 frames to the court. I played the last few games without flat serves to make sure I crossed the finish line.

A big benefit here is.. stringing costs $1.5-3. Tempted to load up with 17 gauge string now.
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