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Originally Posted by D-money View Post
That's too bad. I bet it looks sharp to with the red strings. I've liked those in other sticks. Anyone try red code? Not just because its red but because its a firmer poly that might compliment the string pattern.
Speaking of red strings, in the 105s I've tried Kirschbaum Pro Line II- which I liked very much... tho like most strings the durability isn't much more than 6 hours... and I'm currently trying Babolat Revenge (which is also red). Not liking this so much. Played doubles the other night 2 hours... will give it one more session... if I still don't like it I'll cut it.

Comparing the two... the Pro Line felt livelier and the corresponding notching was heavier, so I think the strings were sliding back and forth better.... in fact I noticed with the Revenge that I had to re-adjust the strings a few times... something I rarely have to do with new poly. Also the Revenge was a little less powered in comparison. I played alright, just wasn't impressed with the Revenge. I've got one pack left of this, I'll try it lower tension next time.
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