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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Cool to hear. Will definitely give this a try. I realized I have some of this string I was given last year to demo, and never got around to it. Thanks for the heads up.

This wouldn't suprise me if they did this. Lots of times companies add something to the handle to get it within tolerance levels (balance, weight, etc).

Thanks for the upfront honesty.

I'm curious if the guy you were hitting with mentioned anything to you, as far as your shots feeling different than before?
I actually asked him this exact question and he said that he did not really notice all that much. On my side of the net I most certainly noticed it as my passing shots were dipping at an alarming rate; usually he gets a good look at my passes but there was no chance with this stick.

On another note, I hit with one of our most promising juniors who hits a real heavy ball and he could instantly tell the difference. He told me that he felt my ball was pushing him back and kind of exploding off his racquet. On my side of the net I noticed that because I was hitting such a heavy ball he could not get the ball above my shoulders which he often does. For me, I like that I can hit enough spin and depth to not allow those heavy balls to rise above my strike zone.

Lastly, I experimented with 20 grams of Tungsten Putty that I put in the trap door and did not like it one bit. I also added 4 grams of lead at 2:30 & 9:30 which I like a bit more. Coming from a tour I was seeing if I could match the specs that I had with that but I am starting to think that just a little lead in the hoop and some counterbalancing is all I will need, as this racquet is great stock.

Any feedback or comments is appreciated!
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