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Originally Posted by mbm0912 View Post
Okay...Everything I have ever read on here and other places stress "always use a conti grip to serve". I still have a hard time with this, as it feels so much more natural to migrate to more of an eastern fh. Still, I make myself try and serve with conti because that's "correct". I played a guy last night who had a serve much better than mine and he used a strong eastern forehand grip. Why is it so important to use a continental when serving? Thanks
It's difficult to put any spin on a serve with an Eastern Forehand grip, can pretty much only hit flat.

I could serve pretty hard with an Eastern Forehand grip when I was just playing tennis during summers..but I'm 6'1 and I jumped into the serve, so that helped. It was a flat bullet that barely cleared the net.

The first step I think to realizing the benefits of the continental on the serve is to learn to serve standing sideways with your feet jumping, no knee bend...just practice tossing the ball and hitting it with a continental and wrist snap. This way your wrist natually pronates, and you are kind of swinging across your body as opposed to out in front of it as you have to with an Eastern. You need to get the swing down before you move on to the knee bend and everything else.

There will basically be an epiphany moment where you realize you will never hit another serve with an Eastern again.
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