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Originally Posted by mrmo1115 View Post
Can you keep an eye on how many guys are bringing the new Graphene Speed Pro's up to the tournament? Would love to know how many have made the switch already.
Haven't seen any of the brand new ones yet, but I'm only covering a site at a time.

Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
I pushed the lever with my thumb, and not with the butt of my palm. I have some nerve damage previously, becuase I sliced the knuckle wide open with a knife a year before. I really didn't feel it at first until I looked at it. That's one of the reasons I switched to the switch action base clamps.

Just don't put the string in your mouth after it's hit the floor, that would be real gross.
Ah, I actually smack the clamp base open with the butt of my palm/inside of my wrist, I do see the danger of jamming a thumb, though. I hope my current technique won't cause me any injuries...

Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
Reminder, those new Graphene rackets have double barrelled shared grommets!

The stream is down they must be moving.
Good thing I haven't seen any yet. Shared holes... Not my favorite.

Originally Posted by db10s View Post
If drak is stringing for the Delray ATP event this year, he should set up a stream.
Agree, I'd definitely tune in until my attention waned

Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
Was that 40+ rqts in, or 40+ rqts strung?


Last year, it was 40+ in, I believe we had them split between 2 people, maybe 3 at the end of the night? That was only one of two sites -- I imagine the load was similar at the other site. I believe the guy who was working the other site gave up this year, and we "inherited" it :P

Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
So do I. 40 is a tough day for 1 person especially if they have to book in, stencil and bag as well as string. It can also depend on the tournament too. I took in 40 the other day at a mens & womens combined 10k indoor futures running matches on 6 courts max. I cover a same type of tournament on outdoor clay using upto 9 courts, and you need more than 1 stringer there.


We delegated the booking in, but we have to do the majority of the string removal. Paul, I was actually curious what the standard is on a tour event for string removal, are the stringers responsible for this? My fingers are getting pretty cut up from yanking the strings out. I generally pop on some athletic tape on the affected areas (and you'll probably see this if/when I get another chance to stream. We don't stencil nor bag. We have it relatively easy, I think.

As far as a status update, I didn't sleep last night I'm also stringing abnormally slow this tournament -- I would guess I'm averaging between 3-4/ hour, but much closer to 3 than 4. Normally I'm in the 4 range.

To be fair, though, I haven't been stringing much since I graduated/became a full time engineer. My fingers are soft from lack of use, and they're not holding up as well as they have in the past I might try to sneak a nap in somewhere here or there. My rough estimate of yesterday's count was ~335 for just me. What really stinks is that we generally don't even get the frames until the late afternoon/evening timeframe, so we're up late.
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