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Originally Posted by jersey34tennis View Post
just for everyone to get clarification. i love how skeptical all you are and insulting, you must be super fun to be around. the shipping label and box were partially torn when the racquet was returned to me so i contacted him and sent him extra stuff. i'm not hovering over my computer every 2 seconds and he's the only person i've had a shipping issue with. thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt and keep on being your wonderful selves.
How difficult is it to label a package correctly and respond to your buyer's WTF? emails?

Sorry, we have heard the package bounced lie about a million times around here so forgive us if we are skeptical about such claims. I have shipped hundreds of rackets (and other items) and never once bounced a package. Not that hard to get it right. The only bounced package I ever had racket-wise was on the receiving end because the idiot seller tried to ship parcel post in a priority box and shorted the postage by several dollars. He lied to me blaming the delay on USPS. Took two weeks+ to get the racket and he was local.

At least, you finally shipped, the buyer got his racket, apologies, etc. I think the buyer was very reasonable under the circumstances.
Try shipping on time and answering your buyers emails in a timely manner and you won't have these sorts of threads in the first place.

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