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Originally Posted by tennis ratchet View Post
well said, sir! my own personal associations, i can't see the 'soul' in wilson rackets- they have so much market share, seem so mass produced, although i like them okay and used to play them back in the day. it's all subjective, like you say. i love babolat's history, back in the eighties the babolat logo used to make my head spin. i went to tennis camp with a kid from eastern europe, and i remember he had all babolat gear and i wanted it so bad.
1. Neither can I. But I don't see soul in Babolat rackets either. I see it in rackets that have been though wins and loses, long grueling matches and short hitting sessions, rackets where you know each scape on the paint and when and how it got there, you have been upset with it, and you have been grateful for it. It is a racket that after its playing days will be retired to the wall. That is a racket that has soul.
2. Market share is more Babolat than Wilson right now... And mass production Babolat and Wilson are in the same bad QC boat.
3. Sampras?
Making a comeback after ski season.
Biomimetic Max 200G x8 and a "few" others...
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