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There are a lot of players who grumble and laugh at junk ballers. I get really discouraged playing them, but it is effective. I am a 3.5 player, who lately has been playing 4.0 in tourneys. I did this to play "real" players. What did I find? Well, they are as expected usually better than me. What else did I find? That my forehand is a match for all but the best of them. So if I found a guy, who could not keep it away from my forehand, what I found was that pretty soon, the 4.0 guy who had a better overall game, but weaker forehand immediatly switched to a moonball or short pusher strategy. What did this teach me? That is what seperates me from the 4.0 guy. Its not the better strokes, or his ego, its his ability to play what is needed to win.

Most guys do not want to play "better" players, they want to play more comfortable players to play, even if they are better. Its "comfortable to play against top spin players. The ball goes deep, it bounces in our strike zones, it most times gives us more time to get to the ball than the flat hitters or slicers.

I parked my ego a while ago and realized I was not better than these park player types. While it frustrates me, I realize now, I have to beat them.

So dont make fun of those guys, usually they are the guys who beat the guys, like myself, who think there strokes are better, and cant wait to go up a level to play better players.
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