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Originally Posted by iri10 View Post
Interesting breakdown, hugobosstachini. If I may ask, where do you think Sloane Stephens fits? Based on your categories and the descriptions, I'd want to say "offensive minded counter puncher," especially at her best. But she seems to slide down to defensive-minded or even a pusher, when she's not comfortable.
Yes, I agree with that too. Stephens can produce a lot of power though for a counter-puncher. I'm not certain she's able to stay on the baseline and dictate play consistently... her backhand is really mediocre and Sumyk in the AO had picked that up reason why Victoria was slaying her despite all the US journals post-match rants. Victoria used a lot of high balls on that side.

Yeah, players with good to reasonable defenses always tend to turn quite defensive when they're unsure of their games. Victoria IMO too, since she added that defensive element in her game also turns out to be passive a lot of times.
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