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you guys should keep doing this... that way, all i have to do to beat you is hit loopy topspin to your backhand... thanks for making it easy.

also, the corporate world is very different from tennis. in tennis you are on your own and you have to face many, many opponents. you have to be able to adapt and evolve to some extent. in the corporate world you are usually part of a team or are hired and used for a specific skill and discarded when circumstances change.

anyway, back to tennis. don't neglect your strengths, but make sure you don't have weaknesses. a weak backhand is something you can't afford to have. we're not talking about having a weak side-spin drop shot or even being weak at the net, a backhand is a key part of most rallies. your "weapon" forehand isn't going to be of much use if you don't get to use it, or if you have to get so out of position that you predictably leave 2/3 of the court open for drop shots and shots down the line.

most weaknesses are pretty obvious (usually a mediocre backhand). if most people follow the mantra of focusing on strengths, they'll end up with weak backhands, i.e. at least a 1/3 of their baseline coverage is weak. even worse, if their weakness is a serve they have no where to hide, you can't run around it.

tl;dr... once you have no real weaknesses (all major strokes, movement and basic strategy covered), you can focus on developing key 'weapons'. But what do i know, i'm not an expert.
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