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Originally Posted by isilra View Post
I'm mean moonballing almost every shot. He is also my best buddy and i have nobody else to play tennis with. Today i have played with a coach and i was playing way better than i used to do with my friend because he was feeding me with regular, fast balls, not moonballs. I was positioning better, chasing the ball better, coiling/uncoiling better and i can't do these when i play with my bud. You think a moonballer partner prevents you from improving your technique ?
You were playing better against the coach because those shots are easier to hit. Moonballers are tough, I have a friend just like this. Frustrating play against him is what really pushed me to improve my forehand. Unfortunately he lives too far otherwise I would hit with him weekly. Work on your high forehand & backhand, putting more of your body into the shot, and shot placement with the moonballer. Just make sure you are not arming a high ball while trying to hit hard or you will injure your shoulder quickly.

LeeD is right about the need to hit with all kinds of players and learning to deal with all kinds of playing styles and shots.

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