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Fair enough, but you're calling others "moral relativist" when you're acting the same. You're "educating" cheaters and observing if any "human evolution" is occurring.

This cheater in question seems much more worse than the "norm at club/rec level". You said (in your own words) that the cheater:

* "knows he makes bad calls--always in his favor--NEVER giving any doubt to his opponents."

* "never says nothing, no apology, no nothing. In his mind he thinks he's the big man on campus, he's a bully, and should get everything his way even if all three other people on the court saw things differently--that doesn't matter to him--he has no shame."

How does that seem like the "norm at club/rec level" to you? Your continuing to play tennis with a cheater of this magnitude only serves to legitimize and perpetuate his cheating ways.

That's why I think the best course of action is NOT to confront such blatant cheaters but to ostracize them and treat them like the pariahs that they are.

Unlike golf, tennis requires opponents to play at its most effective levels. When cheaters find that they can no longer get anyone to join them for a match, then they MAY start to change their ways.

Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
I'm liberal, I'll play with anyone who calls me, treat it as practice. I educate him like yesterday and observe if there's any "human" evolution occurring. He's pretty much the norm at club/rec level, combinations of poor eyesight, wishful thinking, merlot or chardonay the night before. If you're too picky there's not gonna' be much out there to practice with. For real tennis, I sign up for a Senior Age Group tournament, just played three of them.

Anti-social psychopathic cheaters like the OP was talking about are fairly rare, they're the ones you have to cheat-back--that they understand. They count on opponent's being timid and not calling them on it. I think they relish the control they feel when opponents go along with their agenda--like politicians and all other egomaniacs.
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