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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
Fact or opinion?

Example, physical, in many cases requires maturation prior to development, which goes against Vygotsky's principal (unless you take "learning" literally in this case and say that the child could "learn" the theory prior to being able to perform the skill, but in the physical realm I wouldn't call that development)

But otherwise yes, challenging oneself beyond one's current capabilities is a standard developmental practice (maybe Vygotsky was the first to recognise this, although there seems to be debate around the originality of some of his work).

It doesn‘t violate the theory. The ZPD is also bound by biological limitations. For instance, using a theory is not within a baby‘s ZPD because it‘s biologically impossible for them to think abstractly. It holds true until puberty: it‘s not within a child‘s reach until his frontal lobbes are sufficiently developped.

An other fact of psychology is that all developmental spheres are interdependant: your cognition is influenced by physical, emotional and social skills and the same is true for all othe three.

As for the fact or opinion, it‘s a fact. It‘s widely used in developmental psychology.
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