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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
Nadal's only weapon against Federer is serving and hitting every forehand crosscourt to Federer's one-handed backhand. We saw today that when that one-handed backhand player plays left-handed, Nadal no longer has a strategy and no longer has a weapon that could hurt his opponent. And since Federer is a significantly better player than Zeballos (by like a million miles), it's not a stretch to say that Nadal would have nothing that could hurt a left-handed Federer enough to beat him.
Yeh, well if Nadal faces a lefty with a 1hbh, can't he just abuse the lefty's 1hbh by hitting inside out forehands all day to the backhand?

It''s not like a forehand can only be hit to the ad court - you can hit a forehand to the deuce court as well.
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