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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
What I think:

ave 4.5 M + ave 3.5 F > ave 4.0 M + ave 4.0 F
top 4.0 M + top 4.0 F > ave 4.5 M + ave 3.5 F
top 4.5 M + top 3.5 F > top 4.0 M + top 4.0 F
I agree, Orange.

And, from my experience, I see/saw way more of the third combination as overwhelmingly successful least around here (mostly because the 8.0 captains felt that to have a "3.5W" on the roster, they needed a "top" 4.5M to carry her...and realistically, only the "top" 3.5W would even consider playing 8.0).

Funny, though, how you had to add the "M" and "F" (shhhh, USTA uses "W") to create those equations. Kinda sums up what this whole thread has evolved to. Good job.
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