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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Yes, shortterm low ambition, a eastern forehand serve is easier.
I will play rightie maybe 3 times a year, total.
Lefty the others, and only maybe twice a week.
I don't have time to practice my rightie tennis.
So, 3 days a year, it's eastern forehand for serves.
I was shadow swinging some serves with my left hand today, and it didn't seem too unnatural even with a continental grip (I'm a rightie). However, I can imagine that trying to time the ball and get it into the box would be difficult, as I don't throw well with my left hand.

Lee, do you agree that the primary benefit of the continental is that it makes it easier to generate racket head speed with a throwing motion, especially when you want to also tag some topspin onto that motion?

In my experience, the semi-western and eastern grip servers tend to smack it further out in front and usually with underspin rather than topspin.
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