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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
Where's the SI...for us ladies? Oh wait, we get that on a weekly basis: American football tights. Baseball boys in, well, cute baggy pants with a smudge on their, ah, bottoms. Real football guys, sigh, in shorts. Tennis and volleyball gentlemen....ah...they're my true delight. Young or old(er), Todd Martin where are ya when we need ya, they keep me active and distracted.

(I swear! I can play focused all match long playing womens tennis. But a court of guys next to me...and there's real trouble! Even my USTA captain knows it and makes sure our court assignments keep me away from the testosterone.)

Sorry, ladies. I'm not usually a poster here, but I have enjoyed many of the pics. And we just got MY SI swimsuit issue in the mailbox. Hubs didn't want it. So my (shhh, 80-yr old) dad gladly took it. Go Mom!
I wish swimming got some coverage outside the Olympics. I was glued to my screen this summer, and it wasn't to watch any records being broken.
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