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Originally Posted by eman resu View Post
Has anyone here tried syn gut at min. tension (53 for my Ozone TOur)? I tried Head competition 2 1.30 Poly at 54 and loved it for the first 2 hours. The next day it was just dead (and I never believed this dead poly thing until then). It played just like a regular cheap syn. minus the comfort, lost all the wonders of the fresh string. So I might just save my arm and some money and string lower with syn...
Yeah, I've tried it (actually I've gone even lower than 53). It played pretty well I thought. I probably would have stuck with syn gut, but it breaks really fast in such an open pattern. Why not hybrid a poly in the mains and a decent soft synthetic gut in the crosses? Currently I'm using O-Power (an SPPP clone from Mamba Tennis) in the mains and Pro Supex Spiral Flex syn gut in the crosses. Doesn't break so quickly like a full synthetic gut job (plus I think it plays better), nor does the string bed feel completely dead after just a few hours.
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