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Default For those who say polys don't harm pros

I was reading Break Point, that book about Vince Spadea and found this...

I just did one of the craziest things I’ve ever done when it
comes to tennis. After 20years playing with the same racket,
the Prince Graphite 110, I switched to the innovative technology
of the Prince 03.Yeah, it’s the middle of a big team
competition, yeah, it’s five days before the French Open, but
here I am trying out new equipment. I’m tinkering with my
game too much.
Igot spanked like a redheaded stepchild yesterday in
my match against Tommy Haas. I figured if all these young,
big, strong players are clubbing balls with their thick, wide-bodied,
aerodynamic sticks, I needed to be on a level playing
field with everybody else. Nobody uses my racket on tour
anymore. So I made the switch and practiced vigorously with
this new racket, working on putting balls away aggressively at
the net with overheads and swinging volleys. I lost so many
points playing against Haas by not being able to put away
the last ball.
Putting the ball away is a vital element for me to develop
to bring my level up a notch. I play good defense, but when
Iset up the point for a winner, I don’t dominate and torpedo
the ball into a corner like Federer or even Henman. I worked
with Gomez for another hour and a half after my match, and
then my shoulder was sore again. It seems like I’m married
to this throbbing ache. It never goes away, except during the
15minutes I ice it down. I lose sleep and pop anti-inflamma-tory
pills like they’re M&Ms. It’s not the best thing for my
liver, but it’s my only option right now.
Mike Bryan is only 26and he told me his shoulder is
killing him, too. He just switched the strings on his racket to
the most popular string on tour now. It’s supposed to give
you more spin and durability — plus power and consistency
—but it’satough material that makes your arm work harder
than it does playing with the popular gut or synthetic strings.
Istring my racket at 75pounds tension — one of the tightest
on tour — but Borg used to string his rackets at 80pounds,
and his were made of wood.
Mike points to the top of his shoulder and says, “It hurts
right here, Vince. Is that where your shoulder hurts?”
Isay, “Yeah, mine’s in a similar spot. It’s out of control,
Nostradamus is Fedace
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