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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post

We delegated the booking in, but we have to do the majority of the string removal. Paul, I was actually curious what the standard is on a tour event for string removal, are the stringers responsible for this? My fingers are getting pretty cut up from yanking the strings out. I generally pop on some athletic tape on the affected areas (and you'll probably see this if/when I get another chance to stream. We don't stencil nor bag. We have it relatively easy, I think.

As far as a status update, I didn't sleep last night I'm also stringing abnormally slow this tournament -- I would guess I'm averaging between 3-4/ hour, but much closer to 3 than 4. Normally I'm in the 4 range.

To be fair, though, I haven't been stringing much since I graduated/became a full time engineer. My fingers are soft from lack of use, and they're not holding up as well as they have in the past I might try to sneak a nap in somewhere here or there. My rough estimate of yesterday's count was ~335 for just me. What really stinks is that we generally don't even get the frames until the late afternoon/evening timeframe, so we're up late.

4 per hr is fast dude. i am around 3 and i just achieved that within the last month
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