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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Well . . . Better = more competitive. Closer scores. The opposite of domination.

That's it? That's all ya got?

You say that conventional doubles strategy won't work, but you don't say what *will* work. You know why?

'Cause pretty much nothing will work. If my 4.0 partner and I had the mad tennis skillz to hang with a good 4.5 guy, we wouldn't be 4.0s. So the match becomes one player (you) dominating the court until we give your partner something she can put away.

Look. The rules allow you to play 8.0, so OK. But let's not pretend that it is a fair fight when you come across me and your average 4.0 guy and the problem is simply that we don't use the right strategy.
Touche. See my contrite post above.
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