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So I guess junkballing and random stuff is all that's allowed on this thread. Here's a few I see from some park regulars:

- Guy gets a short ball that he can put away, he comes in and sets up but taps a super short forehand instead that acts like a drop shot. Opponent rushes in to dig the ball out, which gets lobbed over his head. He can do the lob off a backhand volley or a half volley too. It gets the same guys over and over. lol. Of course he can smash those short balls too, so they're really not sure what to expect. Then there's this super skinny 13 year old kid that reads him well, moves in early, and smacks forehand winner off those taps right past him. haha.

- There's another guy known to have a "beastly" serve, it goes about 90-100mph and is very low trajectory. However, this is achieved by foot faulting 2 feet. Despite stepping into the baseline 2 feet, he double faults more of his service games away than he wins, but still he's known as a great server (?) Plays serve & volley but there are guys who jam him at the service line with the same shot hit to the same place over and over. At least hold more service games and make your first volleys if you're going to cheat 2 feet into the baseline on serve.

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