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Originally Posted by flyinghippos101 View Post
What do you mean? As a regular rally shot, it's not very reliable. But two handers that at least have a very fundamental understanding of one handers go a long way. One handed backhand has greater reach, so it can work wonders on the run. Tsonga using it strictly for this purpose actually may be an evolution in the game.


It's nowhere near useless to experiment with the one hander as a two hander. Sure, it's flashy but at the same it it has pragmatic use too. And keep in mind, 2/3 of those matches above he won and the one he didn't was against Murray in a tight three setter
that has nothing to do with Evolution, I think he just did that out of boredom Messing around a Little. if he Plays djokovic he doesn't do it a lot.

I have a two hander but if I play with a Girl or a beginner I will hit some one handers too (I'm no pro of course).
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