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I recall my brother getting very excited last year, telling me to check out Tsonga, he hits one hand backhands!!

Not sure what to make of it, if it is a state of mental confusion on how to play, or if he really is literally playing with feeling, like those jazz musicians do?

But even those good jazz musicians improvise around a stucture, whether it be a blues pattern or 5/4 or whatever. Tsonga really needs a good structure around his game to realise his talent properly. Bit late in his career, but maybe he could practise returns with a one hander see how he gets on, but whatever he does he should stick to a plan and bring out certain shots at certain times, instead of randomly as it can appear.

Also, with his game, I would have thought a Head midsize plus or something similar would have suited his game better than a Babolat with a large head.
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