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Originally Posted by eks-mat View Post
Thanks Irvin, I will try pulling the mounts, my only concern would be if the mounts tilt a bunch before they catch on the support pole, not leaving a level surface for the racket to rest.
That sound like something is worn out. I can see a little tilt but not so much the mounts aren't still fairly level.

Originally Posted by eks-mat View Post
Also, when the racket has become loose a couple times, I have to tighten the nuts with my fingers pretty hard. Anyone know how much tightening would damage a frame? as Gamma states can happen by over tightening the mounting nuts? I wonder if it is really possible to do so on a modern racket by only using fingers (although I have quite strong hands and fingers.)
That is why I don't like the true two point mount. You could try cleaning the mounting surfaces and using something like lether pads between the mounts and the racket to keep it from slipping.
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