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Default f/s rebel 95 ( 2009 ) series x 3

f/s rebel 95 ( 2009 ) series x 3

selling three frames.

1. L-5 grip condition 9/10 strung full bed klip17 legend 80 ship Conus racket was brand new 2 months ago. very light use.

2. L-4 grip condition 9/10. strung klip 17 g legend. 80 ship Conus. very light use.

3. L-4 grip condition 7/10 strung klip 17 g legend main., excel cross 17 g. 65 ship conus. very playable racket with tons life left.

photos available

also have extra set string grommets and o port grommets as racket can be strung either way.

all 18x 20 pattern. read the reviews, these are becoming hard to find and are better than the rebel re-issue.
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