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Originally Posted by legcramp89 View Post
Do you mind sharing all the steps from start to finish?

Like the grit on the sandpaper you used, anything sprayed on before the plasti dip, etc etc.

One of my Hybrid Hornet was chipped this weekend and the paint around it is peeling pretty nicely. I might go at it with a new paint job once it's ready to be re-strung.

Thank you so much!
I just took off the grip and started sanding with a drywall hand sander that was leftover from when we painted the rooms of our house, not sure what grit was on there. I got most all the paint off (except for in the corners of the next), but im not sure it would have matter if the paint was stripped or not. The plasti dip covered it very very nice. We sprayed on 8 coats, and the grommets still fit so it didnt effect the holes.. still waiting on the new bumper guard/grommets to come in so not sure how durable it is.. But by putting it on thick, it makes the removal very easy. so touch ups or taking it completely off is easy and doesnt leave any residue
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