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Originally Posted by BTURNER View Post
It is actually a teaching video.( there is a second part on the return) I am not sure there is much for this audience to learn from the lesson itself, because it all very basic , but you get a fantastic view from two angles of Evert hitting all the spins off both wings. I think it was Tony Trabert who said that if you want to know see how the fundamentals are done, you should just watch Evert, because she did them right every single time. Personally, I would die to hit those forehands with that kind of clean, pure power and penetration. It must be a great feeling. Anyway, for those of you are are into the technical side of the sport, enjoy.

Evert does offer a caveat, here. She says she would not teach these strokes the same way anymore to the pros of today, but they are perfect for most players.
Watch the video when she hits the "topspin forehand."

If you note the trajectory of the ball over the net, it's not very much topspin.
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