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Originally Posted by daft.sirius View Post
Does anyone have any review/info on him?

I paid for a racquet from Patrick / jersey34tennis which he was supposed to ship out last Wednesday. I did a basic search to check if he is a kid, and he is not. ( At this point, payment had been rendered about 10 days prior and no communication from the seller since acknowledging payment.)

He was regular in communicating [once a day e-mail] while we were talking about the racquet and sent over the pictures promptly. After I paid he even acknowledged receipt of payment. (And then he mysteriously vanished.)

However, since then I have requested him for the shipping/delivery confirmation number and there has been no reply at all. It has been over a week of incognito on e-mails while his TTW user profile shows activity yesterday 5/30 [and even on Monday]. I am not sure whether to consider the lack of information sent to me as intentional or accidental. Any advise/tip would be helpful. I do not want to malign him but I do appreciate timely communication and updates. (He had time to post on TW but no time to reply to his buyer's numerous emails about shipping status even though he later claimed he had already shipped and the parcel had bounced. Hey, I can't be bothered checking my email and replying to inquiries. I am a busy dude. )
No one is saying the seller scammed the buyer or anything of the sort; he did not.

And no one knows with 100% certainty whether, or not, the package bounced or was simply not shipped for a week or more to the point where the buyer was concerned enough to start this thread and consider opening a paypal claim. Fun, Fun Fun !!!

It should be noted that, for over a week, the seller ignored emails from the buyer requesting shipping status. Finally, the seller responded and claimed the original shipment had bounced due to a torn label/box. So, either the seller can't box/label a racket properly or he lied about shipping the racket the first time. Either way, not so good.

If the seller had shipped with tracking the "first time", the tracking would have indicated "returned to sender on date x." That would have validated his bouncing package claim. There was no tracking number provided for the "bounced shipment"; how convenient. Tracking was provided on the "second" shipment though. About 3 days after advising the buyer the first package had bounced back to him, the seller "re-shipped." Why did it take 3 business days to re-ship an already boxed racket with a torn label?

I can't say how many times people (mostly kids) have claimed they shipped when they have not shipped. It is all too commonplace, unfortunately. This usually goes on for a week or more and then finally they say they "re-shipped." In some cases, that they "re-re-shipped."

I think the seller clearly jerked around the buyer unnecessarily for over a week and that he probably lied about the first shipment bouncing back because he had not shipped yet. He did try to make up for the delay in delivery by adding some extras which is a good thing. But, there is no good excuse for not replying to the buyer's numerous emails asking about shipping status or shipping without tracking the "first time" (which is a stupid thing to do for many reasons.) In this case, it took about 2 weeks for the racket to be delivered which is ridiculous for a domestic deal.

This was a long dead thread (from 8 months ago) that the seller chose to revive in order to play the role of the misunderstood victim. I, for one, ain't buying it. Believe what you will. He would have been much better off just issuing a public apology to the buyer and letting the matter rest.

The buyer is this case is a totally cool guy and has the patience of a saint.

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