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Default Same grip for forehand and backhand?

I used to use a full western grip for my forehand, and a very extreme eastern (almost semi-western) grip for my backhand. I realized the grip change was very problematic for me - especially returning serves.

Since then, I've shifted my forehand grip to from full western to semi-western. The benefit I've found from this change is not that I can flatten the ball out easier - but directional control of my forehand is a lot easier. With the palm less under the racket and more behind the racket - it's way easier to control where you're hitting the ball. Topspin generation is barely compromised at all.

My backhand grip is now simply my forehand grip turned over - it's now a semi-western single handed backhand grip. Counter-intuitively, I've found this grip more forgiving than my previous backhand grip even though it's more extreme. Because so much of your palm is behind the handle - if you happen to catch the ball too late (eg. if the opponent hits an unexpectedly deep shot) - you can give the ball a strong block without much spin to return it. Having the palm more behind the handle also helps with directional control - just like with the forehand. But obviously hitting heavy topspin and hitting high balls are the best thing to face with this grip, as you can aggressively loop them by supinating over the ball, or flatten them out for a kill shot. On the other hand, very low balls are harder to deal with, and I'd need to change grip to slice them anyway.

Return of serve is now much more simple for me - before I'd have to guess whether to expect a forehand or backhand. Now I just use continental grip to return 1st serves, and semi-western forehand/backhand grip for 2nd serves.

Does anyone else hit forehands and backhands with the same grip? What grip is that - and what have you found are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so?

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