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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
does he cross train with other sports? (well, i guess you said no sport)...

soccer is great for the feet... my son is 8, has played soccer for 5 seasons... I take him to the junior tennis clinic once a week, all beginners, but he has the happiest feet.
Hi Mick, Congratulations man... on spending time with your son and teaching him the great game of tennis..Soccer is a great suggestion by luvforty to get his feet moving or basketball. Any team sport where peer pressure will make your son move more. The best time of my life was teaching my son who made his college team but quit to go ROTC Marines,,He is now a Marine Corps Captain.But we still knock heads in singles when he's home..One hard piece of advice i had to learn was not to push my son too much..Sometimes let him go for a while and hope they come back
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