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Originally Posted by fgs View Post
spadea seems to have gotten two things wrong in respect to borg:
1. he was stringing his small wooden sticks with 30kg, that's less than 70lbs
2. he was playing with full bed vs gut

so talking about stringing gut at 70, be it even 80lbs compared to poly at that tension is a little bit off.
It was widely reported back in the 70's when Borg was playing that he strung his racquets at 80lbs.

Don't forget that the tiny 65 sq. in. head and the dense 18x20 string pattern inside the tiny head makes the 80lb. stringbed feel a lot stiffer than the same tension in a 100 sq. in. frame with an open string pattern. Borg's racquet was described as being stiffer than playing with a solid wooden board. By comparison, his rival McEnroe strung his same size wood racquet at about 40lbs., or half the tension Borg did.
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