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Default FS/T: (2x) Babolat Pure Storm Ltd 4 1/2

Here I have two babolat pure storms ltd in a grip size 4 1/2.

The one on the bottom (black over grip) is the one i've used the most, that condition i would say is in a 7/10. I've used it for quite a while and in a lot of tournaments. Parts of the grommet has been scraped off, there are some scratches from play, but the racket itself is in good working condition. I still string it and play with it constantly. The strings on it now are (syn gut) strung at 57 but since I've been playing with it, I can restring it for whoever wants to buy it so they would have fresh strings. Dampener is not included though.

The one on the top (leather grip) is my spare but I've rarely used it; only about a hand full times. It's in great condition, I would say 9.5/10. Grommet still there completely, barely any scratches. It has a fresh set of strings I strung last night at 57 lbs (syn gut)

I am selling because I am looking to get a new racket.
For the (black grip) i'm looking to get $50 for that one.
For the (leather grip) i'm looking to get $75 for that one, I'll even add a new overgrip it so you would have fresh strings and a fresh grip.
Trades I am looking for, is a Wilson Ncode tour 90 in a 4 1/2 OR a Wilson Kfactor tour 90 also in a 4 1/2.
I am willing to trade both of my rackets for one of those sticks noted.

So again
black grip - $50
leather grip - $75
both - $125
trades (2x) babolats = (1x) wilson ncode/kfactor tour 90

any questions or more pictures, I have plenty more pictures so it if you want close ups, just shoot me an email at

Thanks for looking!
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