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Originally Posted by Bowtiesarecool View Post

Shaped poly mains/round poly crosses:
Another nice setup for poly lovers. Shaped polys like focus hex, snakebite, etc, dig into the ball well and generate what can be mind boggling amounts of spin. A smooth cross rather than shaped makes it easier for mains to shift out and back in, increasing spin potential.

Multi mains/syngut crosses:
If you need the comfort but want a little more action from the slightly stiffer multi, this is for you. Nylon is great on the arm. Multis are mostly nylon, made to behave a little less like a wet noodle.

Zyex: imagine a string with the properties of gut and poly mixed together and this is what you get. Unfortunately, it like Danny Devito's character in "Twins". It has the softness of gut but the poor elastic qualities of plastic (poly). It has the durability of poly but no spin-generating high energy snap a high stiffness plastic brings. Some people like it for some reason. I have tried it and feel its the exact opposite of what a string should be. Take my opinion with a grain of salt... and sugar, since my op here is salty enough on its own.
Thank you for your detail explanation.
The best string setup for me is NG/Poly per your info.
I can't handle poly in main due to TE.
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