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Originally Posted by craniopath View Post
I have installed cap grommets on my elite pro and have it strung this week. I was expecting the cap grommets to be a perfect fit but to my surprise there is about a 2mm opening between the grommet strip and the body of the racquets all around the head. The sides are not flat but slightly concave, well hence the width of the grommet strip felt a little short and unperfect fit. Well I have never handled a prestige mid racquet but I expect this is not the case. I assume the grommet channel (?) of the elite pro is slightly deeper than prestige, well at least that could explain it.

Anyways I wonder whether this has been the experience of people who have capped their racquets.
I capped a few of them. I usually pre-fill the gap with lead tape. It worked for me.
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