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what is this legacy non-sense? since when do tennis players play for "legacy"? tennis was always about having a bit of fun and competing with yourself and one another.

this legacy drivel is just a corporate media creation to sell more merchandise and give the guys with the biggest "records" brand power. some of the most talented tennis players have never won slams (Rios), yet these are the guys who enrich the sport so much. A highlight reel of his 'touch' shots is more of a legacy than knowing that XYZ player has a few slams.

what about all of the french players? Tsonga, Santoro (Sampras called him a Magician) and others who fans love due to their celebratory tennis style. They enrich the game so much and make tennis worth watching. How many times have you tried to emulate Santoros slices when fooling around with your friends on a court?

What about players like Benneteau who have poor win/loss stats but can entertain us with their all court style even against Roger (the GOAT) Federer at Bercy '09, Wimbledon '12 and Rotterdam a couple of days ago! Should he have given up years ago and deprived us of his beautiful tennis?! He is 31 and has yet to win a title (made 7 finals), forget going deep in a slam!

While you guys are busy nerding out on stats and records (i.e. legacy), some of us are thankful for all of the 'real' tennis that is still played on tour and for the chance to be inspired in a way that makes us appreciate why we play this beautiful game.
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