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Default some Shot Maker inputs for slices

Originally Posted by mntlblok View Post
Excellent. Would also note that the ball Fed is hitting is quite high, and that he manages to get his racket hand "higher" than the contact height of the ball before starting "down". To me, that is key in preventing that shot from "floating" too high and without pace.

More of a "curiosity" thing to me is that they all have the racket face significantly more "open" in the backswing than at contact. I also see that with good volleys, and feel that I hit both those shots better if I consciously make that move - as long as that "closing" of the racket face stops after contact.
Played around a bit with the "racket face angle" and "swing path angle" with TW University's "Shot Maker" stroke analysis gadget. Put some of them up on my Flickr site. Any scuba divers out there - especially those who aware of the wonders of the Blue Heron Bridge - might get a kick out exploring said Flickr site. I *also* over-do underwater photography.
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