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Originally Posted by babar View Post
I'm not a very big person. My arms and overall muscle tone is fairly average, if not below average. I'm about 5'8" and 160lbs and 39 yrs old. I feel that smaller/less strong players can benefit from heavy frames which help them compensate for the lack of physical power they can generate in their swings. Stronger players can play with lighter frames since they can grip and swing the frame with more muscle so as to negate the lack of stabiilty of lighter frames. I like playing with heavy frames, but I can't manage against heavy hitters very well with light frames. Overall, my biggest problem is putting the ball away. I can hit it hard, but just not enough to get it past many folks. I've tried power frames to help, but the lightness always seems to get in the way.

Should I just get a heavy frame and play with it and try to get stronger or resign myself to lighter frames in the hopes of learning to like them and harness their power? Any thoughts?
Have you given any serious thought to getting stronger?

A great thing for tennis players is that strength gains are quite rapid for someone who has not lifted before.

The initial strength gains are from more muscle fibers being recruited rather than muscle hypertrophy - so there is virtually no gain in weight which could lead to loss in speed.

Being stronger doesn't automatically mean you can hit the ball harder - you still have to train the muscles to hit harder - but being stronger lets you play more tennis with less chance of an overuse injury.
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