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I personally know 2 dads who are exactly like you.... and here is what happened...

both dad A and dad B loves tennis.... LOVES tennis, but both are 3.0-3.5 hacks.... so they worked hard to live their dreams thru their kids.... (both are girls in this instance).

dad A took daughter to court every day since she was 8, for like 4 years, then they went to tournaments etc, eventually to ITF tournaments... she did OK, ended up playing D1 tennis for a GOOD school.

dad B started daughter right around 6, tons of practice, private lessons, tournaments.... eventually to ITF tournaments, she did better than OK, ended up playing D1 tennis for a VERY GOOD school.

worth it? maybe, maybe not.

but I find it interesting that the hacker dads are the ones who push the hardest.

to succeed in this thing, you need a crazy dad and a robot kid.... and you better hope it's a girl.
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