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For years and years Fox rightists dominated rants and raves.

I stumbled across the political content and went back throught the years at the time so I was astonished to find this flourishing right wing political world as I never knew it existed.

I decided to join in and offer a discordant political perspective and I gathered a few allies in the process.

I was initially ignored, but then ...

The Fox right exploded into anger and started to hit the moderation button so hard and so often that the whole thread was shut down over night.

At the time of the first Wikileaks exposure the discussion was repressed.

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As a registered Independent (with contempt and disgust at what each "side" and their respective partisans have turned into) I can only say that while R&R was littered with partisan hacks from both sides of the aisle (both wingnuts & moonbats), it wasn't even close. For every right-wing loon such as Objective Danny, there were 10 left-wing hacks such as Chess9 who himself was easily the biggest one-trick-pony instigator of them all, on either side.

If you can take off the partisan blinders for a second, you'll recall it was Chess9 who would ON A DAILY BASIS post a left wing-slanted story from a left-wing source as some ipso facto platform from which to launch one of his political troll threads. And you'd never see him contribute to any tennis the way, notice how he dissappeared when R&R was shut down, a section that was shut down in large measure because of the corrupted atmosphere that he and others of his corrosive ilk cultivated. A forum where ernest, forthright discourse was compromised and eventually contaminated into extinction.

I had no problem with him or anyone else expressing their point of views. It was the "M.O." employed by snakes such as him and people like him *not to mention the b.s. tenor of your absurd assertions above* that I take issue with. You loons flat-out wrecked it for the rest of us.

Others such as Bartelby would look for anything with a "US bashing" theme and if need be, to keep his own thread alive by having a conversation with himself, posting 3, 4 and even 5 posts in succession so as to pile on his contentions, i.e. to "agree with himself" - lol. Fortunately the angry young man made up for it with his engaging, upbeat mien and his ever-at-the-ready winning sense of humor. :smirk:

Rants & Raves was hardly the province or the overwhelming domain of the wingnut faction. As for the 2nd half of your jibberish (in blue), are you ef'in kidding me? "Front-end companies?"...."Politicians?!!" .... this is a TENNIS board. Are you an angry delusional headcase or what?

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