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Well before I changed the technique, I felt the forehand was serviceable. I could rally with it, but it was not an outright weapon, in terms of being able to dictate the point with it. Margin for error was relatively low, either hitting the tape or sailing long, so i would be a bit conservative with the pace. I couldnt hit out with it. My backhand was the weapon that would end points outright. A short ball to the forehand would usually be taken as an approach shot.

With the new forehand, the situation is quite different. I have a different arc to the ball, with much more margin for error. I am much more offensive with it, and on days when I'm really on, I can really dictate from the center of the court. I can hit with more controlled pace, and the added spin has given me the ability to hit wider angles and open up the court. And I can sometimes end the point outright with a big forehand, which was truly a rarity for me.

Right now my only issue with it is in doubles...I have lost some accuracy in the vertical plane... I can't hit it consistently low over the net and occasionally hit at a trajectory like singles. Suspect it's an inconsistent takeback, reverting to old form under pressure. I know it's just a matter of practice, so I know it will come when I finally nail the form down.

It's still new to me, so on a bad day it can still break down, but usually I put it down to fitness, lazy footwork, or a bad day mentally. Do I feel it was worth the (still ongoing) process? Definitely!

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