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Default My Dilemma

It all started with a comment from the instructor at a clinic. He said that I wasn't finishing my strokes (on both sides) "correctly" over the shoulder. I've never really paid much attention to where my racquet ends up, just as long as the ball gets to my intended destination. On the other hand, I am aware that my strokes are not as easy as many people's. I don't "arm" it completely but I have been trying to figure out how to achieve the same objective with a little less energy.

Still, I wasn't sure exactly where he was coming from. I mean not every kind of stroke naturally ends up over the shoulder, right ? So I took a full lesson to try and understand his thoughts. He seems to have specific ideas as to the best kind of grip and stroke, etc - all of which I can respect. He's after all trying to give me the shortest path to a better style (which is something I have been wanting lately anyway).

He did also say that he was surprised to see the quality of my shots despite the "broken" style. He observed quite accurately that I am physically too tense and need to loosen up. He's really good at spotting my grip from across the court. Gotta say, I would never be able to tell, but then I guess that's his job.

So what's the problem ? Nothing except that I wonder as I set upon this path just how essential it is to do things in one particular way. Would I like to have a nice easy stroke that looks like textbook style ? Yeah, I guess. I reckon it may take a lot of effort to change existing habits.

Has anyone here else walked this path ? What was the result ? Is it the smart thing to do to regress a little while trying to fix your style ? How much emphasis needs to be placed on such things as ending up with the butt of the racquet facing the net, and other similar minutiae ?
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