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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Just focus on making it fun for him. Don't pressure him to play or train or anything like that.

You can't make him love the game and if you force him to play he'll never enjoy it. The only way you can make him a champion is if he happens to be extremely passionate about it all by himself.
I'm an architect and i hate my job, really. This was maybe the lastest thing i wanted to do in my life but my father forced me to study architecture for my own sake!, so i know how it feels to do something that you don't enjoy. I will never allow my kids to feel this. As i told before, i would want them to be a champion only if they share the same passion with me. If they don't, there is nothing to do.

Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
I personally know 2 dads who are exactly like you.... and here is what happened...

both dad A and dad B loves tennis.... LOVES tennis, but both are 3.0-3.5 hacks.... so they worked hard to live their dreams thru their kids.... (both are girls in this instance).

dad A took daughter to court every day since she was 8, for like 4 years, then they went to tournaments etc, eventually to ITF tournaments... she did OK, ended up playing D1 tennis for a GOOD school.

dad B started daughter right around 6, tons of practice, private lessons, tournaments.... eventually to ITF tournaments, she did better than OK, ended up playing D1 tennis for a VERY GOOD school.

worth it? maybe, maybe not.

but I find it interesting that the hacker dads are the ones who push the hardest.

to succeed in this thing, you need a crazy dad and a robot kid.... and you better hope it's a girl.
If they take my genetics, a robot kid will not be possible. I played soccer for long years and damn, i always hated training and always escaped whenever i had the chance to escape. I had the talent but didn't have the robotic thing that wakes me up at 8 o'clock in the morning everyday, so i failed.

Originally Posted by JW10S View Post
This is where most parents fail. I went back and read some of your posts--you don't know anywhere near what you think you do. Certainly not enough to make your kid a good player, let alone a champion. The best thing to do is find a good pro who has developed some good players. You haven't--why would you want to experiment on your kid?
Djokovic still claims that he uses his wrist consciously in his strokes but videos shows that the wrist movement is unconscious. Djokovic might be arguably the best player in the world now but i'm pretty sure there are many people in this forum that knows djokovic's stroke mechanisms better than him. We all write here, spend our times because we are the people that willing to improve and learn. Most teaching pros are teaching pros just because they are better players than you, not because they know it better than you. I mean how many of teaching pros can know the difference between an ATP and WTA stroke better than Tricky ? Or how many of them can analyse Federer's slingshot better than him ? I'm pretty sure %99 of them don't even realize ATP and WTA games are different, they have no idea what a backswing pronation about. How many of tennis instruction videos that you have seen on youtube tells you about the kinetic chain or SSC ? They tell the same things over and over, take the ball in front, finish with a WW followthrough, lock the wrist back etc. because most of them doesn't have a clue about what makes a forehand modern and the most important, they don't feel the need to improve.

Ofc if i find a coach like Bollettieri, i would love him to coach my kid because i know even he teaches something old, i know he has the knowledge to compare the old/new and decide which is better. But you can't do that if you don't know both old and new. Most teaching pros lacks that skill i think. That's why i would want to teach my kid myself than the instructor in my club.

Well i started to feel like a daddy, have no idea even why i started this thread. I don't have a marriage plan in next 10 years, i don't plan to have kids in 15 years, god what's wrong with me ?
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