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Djokovic still claims that he uses his wrist consciously in his strokes but videos shows that the wrist movement is unconscious. Djokovic might be arguably the best player in the world now but i'm pretty sure there are many people in this forum that knows djokovic's stroke mechanisms better than him. We all write here, spend our times because we are the people that willing to improve and learn. Most teaching pros are teaching pros just because they are better players than you, not because they know it better than you. I mean how many of teaching pros can know the difference between an ATP and WTA stroke better than Tricky ? Or how many of them can analyse Federer's slingshot better than him ? I'm pretty sure %99 of them don't even realize ATP and WTA games are different, they have no idea what a backswing pronation about. How many of tennis instruction videos that you have seen on youtube tells you about the kinetic chain or SSC ? They tell the same things over and over, take the ball in front, finish with a WW followthrough, lock the wrist back etc. because most of them doesn't have a clue about what makes a forehand modern and the most important, they don't feel the need to improve.
I don't think you need to know any of that to teach well, and if you do (which doesn't hurt unless you don't know what to filter out), you certainly should not be pushing it via super technical terms on kids. It's not important to teach kinetic chain, SSC, and that kind of stuff. Maybe some simpler things like a WW finish, but all that other crap is not necessary to throw out there. I grew up playing as a kid, going to group lessons at a tennis facility, and they didn't teach kinetic chain, SSC, WW finish, locking the wrist back, pronation, and didn't mention the pro game at all, much less the difference between ATP and WTA styles. By the time I was done, I was using the kinetic chain, was hitting WW finish on the forehand, and didn't need any specific focus on those things to get me there besides basic guidance as far as takeback early, turn sideways, turn forewards again as you swing up and through, and be balanced while following through. Kids do what feels natural, and many of these things just happen as long as they are shown the basics from a young age. I'm pretty sure trying to introduce something like SSC as a concept would have been a disaster.

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