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Originally Posted by polytheist View Post
Ok i've got my BLX Pro Staff 95s (16x19)properly leaded and balanced now, and my Pacific Classic 16L / Cofocus 1.18 at 53/48 feels freakin great but is just a tad too powerful. How do i tame this bad boy down just a bit?

Go to cofocus 1.23? 16g classic? Or 16L Tough gut? Any other options?

Please don't say up the tension on the poly because that's not an option, cofocus goes stiff above 48 on my constant pull stringer.
In theory going up a gauge might help. But you also risk losing a little spin. So I'd suggest adjusting your stroke mechanics to impart more spin.

Here's why:

A few weeks ago I put a new stringjob into my teaching racket. I'd had a set at 49x45 and really liked teaching with it. So this time round I went down to 48x44 -- that's mains which are four pounds under the recommended range. The stick I've been playing matches with was strung at 51x47, and produced noticeably less power and spin. With fresh from the can balls however, I liked how it performed and used it for league, ladder, and tournament matches all summer. But I was unable to consistently hit big imposing shots, and huge hitters were able to beat me if I couldn't out-chip them.

With the new setup at 48, however, that's changed. I love the effortless power it produces, as well as the slight increase in spin. The control is still there too, but I'm much better able to rip huge forehands at will and block back shots with good depth and pace. I hit pretty modern strokes so I'm getting enough spin to pull the balls down -- if I wasn't I'd be hitting the fence quite regularly.

The one problem I had over the summer with my teaching racket was on the serve: I really struggled getting both first and second serves to land in when hitting with pace. But for the past few weeks I've been hitting with a big-swinging friend and really loved how I could out-slug and out-spin him with the looser racket, but not the tighter one.

On a lark last week, I tried adjusting how I held my racket while serving in order to close the face more at contact, and it sure seemed to work. Both flat and kick serves not only started going in consistently, but they sure had a lot more zip. I play him again on Sunday, so we'll see if it still does the trick. If so, I'm going to be stringing even looser than before.

Anyway it's probably worth repeating that I lead my MGPMs up to 364g, they have a swingweight of approximately 352, and I have reasonably modern swings that generate a decent amount of spin. So your mileage may vary. That said, if you like the idea of having a setup that produces effortless pace and spin, and allows you to hit the bejeezus out of the ball whenever you want, then lower tensions are a good direction to go in.
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