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Default One handed backhand thread. Put up or shut up. Let's see video of people's 1hb

In the past month their have been many threads about how to hit a "modern" one-handed backhand. Most of them have horrible game wrecking advice like: attack the ball with your elbow, rotate into your contact point, roll your wrist for maximum supination. etc.

Advice of this kind is horrible, will wreck people's games, and is being given by people who cannot hit one-handed backhands. Those of us who actually have tennis experience know this.

Sound one-handed backhands are built on advice like: Prepare early, turn sideways, get your front shoulder under your chin, get under the ball, Reach out towards your target and hit through the ball, stay sideways at contact. Keep your arm relaxed, long follow-through ever time, stay with the shot, take the ball early, make contact out in front, etc. etc.

So It's time to put up or shut up. All of us who are posting advice, let's all go out and video our backhands, and post the videos. Then let's see who actually knows how to hit a backhand.

I will post a video of my backhand. It's cold here, but I should be able to get outside in the next week and videotape some groundies. I just got a digital camera, and plan to videotape my shots on Wednesday, and have the video posted by sometime Thursday.

For the first couple days of the thread we can speculate who can actually hit a one-handed backhand, and make predictions about the results. Hopefully in the next few days the videos will come rolling in.

It's time for people to put up or shut up!

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